Traits Of Holland Lop

Traits of Holland lop

There are many different and vast breeds of rabbits worldwide. Holland lops are in the top 10 rabbits breed for pets. They are loved by their friendly traits of holland lop.

Behavioural Traits Of Holland Lop

In fact, they are very friendly breeds. Friendly behaviour of holland lops makes them loved by all ages, Couples, older age and younger children love them.

They can become great pets if you give them the proper time. They are very clean breeds, odourless, they always clean themselves. Female breeds are very good mothers, as they care a lot.

Body Traits Of Holland Lop

They have a dwarf size body structure, smooth skin, semi arc shape body. The weight of the rabbit is 4 pounds at his mature age. Rabbit allows petting to their comfortable person in their surroundings. They don’t use their back legs more often.

Their routine of sleep, sleep all day and stay awake in the dawn and dusk. They have droopy ears that make them extra cute. Ears and size are very beautiful traits of holland lop.


Holland lop playing area
Holland lop playing area

Their best game is to jump from the floor to furniture. They hop as a small child plays in the house jumping, running.

They love to play with toys. On the other hand, cardboard toys are good, didn’t get hurt by chewing them. They play with their favourite toys for hours.

Sleeping Area

Bedding of holland lop
Bedding of holland lop

The bedding of rabbits must be cosy. Their beddings are made according to their age and weight, it must be 6 inches made from straw, sawdust, and hay.

There are many beddings available in the market made from carpet, rugs, fabric beds. These beddings can cause harm if the rabbit chews it.


Breeding is a very difficult part of the holland lop’s lifespan. Finding the perfect partner is a very important part. Some female lops on their first pregnancy go from very difficulties.

There comes a stage, you have to save the baby or mother. The habitat of the rabbit must be normal as pregnant ones.


However, rabbits don’t need much attention. They are less demanding from other pets specifically(dogs and cats). They care about their cleanliness a lot. Their playing time and diet are the two main features of their care.

Interior care

Specifically, check the bedding of the rabbit in it is comfortable and has a cosy environment. If you keep them inside your house, it must be rabbit free as no cords or cables should be visible. Rabbits love to chew them.

The bedding of holland lop with 6 inches, moreover cleaned daily to get rid of flees and replace the bedding every week. The diet of the lop must be fresh and includes 70% of hay and other fruits. Pellets must be part of the diet as they help in filing the teeth of rabbits.

Special Requirements

The most common disease among the holland lop is a dental disease likewise in other rabbit breeds also. Rabbit cage or bedding checked and cleaned weekly. Urine in the bedding can cause him a fungal infection.

Parasite infection is common in outdoor playing rabbits. Symptoms, they get itchy and its for you to check them thoroughly as some of the pets (dogs and cats) pass parasite easily.

Holland lops have a very sensitive digestive system adjacent to other breeds of rabbits.