Tips & Advice

There are some tips & advice that need to be taken care of. For instance, if you desire to pet a rabbit breed then somethings should be known. You have to think a lot more about care and love them.

How to take care of Rabbit?

A lot of factors are related to the care of a rabbit. You need to have those elements in mind before adopting a rabbit.

Feed Of Rabbit


There are many things that rabbits can eat. Vegetables, Fruits, Hay, Pellets, Freshwater and treats. Treats include mostly fruits.

Vegetables include Carrot tops, cucumber, okara leaves, carrot, broccoli (stems & leaves only).

Fruits are provided to 2-3 times in a week to rabbits only.
Apple (no seed), Banana, Berries, Cherry, Grapes, Orange, Papaya, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum and watermelon.

Rabbit needs Hay all-time available for food near them. Try to provide them with fresh quality hay. Rabbits diet is 90% of hay and they love to eat it.

Pellets are of different forms. Nowadays pellets are available in the market of different companies. Timothy pellets are very much appreciated by the rabbits. One-quarter cup of pellets for one meal is enough.

Freshwater is a vital part of rabbits daily routine. As they drink a huge quantity of water for the whole day. Rabbits need excess quantity of it when they are playing as they get very much thirsty.

Enclosure Care

Tips & Advice for Enclosure Of Rabbit
Tips & Advice for Enclosure Of Rabbit

The size of the cage should be 4x times the size of the rabbit. They need space in the cage to stretch their legs. Here are a few points below:

  • Enclosure flooring must be hard not wired.
  • The material of the cage should be metal or wooden.
  • For a wooden cage, dampness causes bacteria or more diseases.
  • Spacious and airy cage must be placed for the rabbit.
  • Bedding of the rabbit need to be cosy.
  • They need freshwater with excess quantity in their enclosure and changed regularly.
  • Provide food in a bowl.
  • Playing toys for rabbits should be placed in the enclosure.
  • They can play in their free time.

Health Care

Tips & Advice for Health Care Of Rabbit
Tips & Advice for Health Care Of Rabbit

Rabbit health is the top priority if you are adopting one. You need to keep your pet healthy to enjoy time with them. Here are some of the tips & advice:

  • Take notice on your rabbit daily routine, if you feel a change in their routine.
  • Check for the rabbit eating routine.
  • If the bunny is eating less then there are some digestive problems.
  • Ear infection is very much common in rabbits.
  • If they are scratching their ears more often, have a look in the ear and go the vet for further treatments.
  • Wired cage can cause sore on their feet.
  • They eat their own fur in the moulting season.
  • That causes digestive problems.

Playtime For Rabbits

 Tips & Advice For Rabbit Playtime
Tips & Advice For Rabbit Playtime

If the rabbit is spending more time in the enclosure they will get bored. They need some time outside their enclosure to enjoy around and move freely.

Rabbits love to hop around and play in the provided space. They play like a small child, hopping on the sofa and playing cheerfully. Interaction with your pet is very much important as they feel comfortable with you. Rabbits love to hop around their favourite person and show their love to them by making different gestures.

Adopting A Rabbit

 Tips & Advice For Adopting A Rabbit
Tips & Advice For Adopting A Rabbit

You need to take care of the tips & advice given above to you if you are in the mood to adopt a rabbit. If you are very much interested in your pets then it will not be difficult for you to take the measures as explained above.