Polish Rabbit

Polish Rabbit

Polish rabbit breeds are one of the smallest breeds in the world. But these are not from dwarf genes. The name given is polish because of their glossy like fur. They have a round body with medium-thick fur.

Origin Of Polish Rabbit

Origin Of Polish Rabbit
Origin Of Polish Rabbit

As the name suggests the polish rabbits are from Poland but it is not true. They originated from England in 1844. They are a breed form crossing Dutch rabbit with Himalayan in 1600 in Belgium. In the USA this breed was introduced in 1912. While ARBA(American Rabbit Breed Association) recognized in 1938. The Polish breeds were very much popular in 1900.

Firstly they were used for meat only. They are used as show rabbits, because of their size. With a total of 1.59kg weight. They look alike a dwarf breed, but there face is not around like dwarf ones. They are compact with round bodies. Their ears are small and erected. Rounded eyes with medium-thick fur on their bodies.

Behaviour Of Polish Rabbit

Behaviour Of Polish Rabbit
Behaviour Of Polish Rabbit

Polish rabbit has a very friendly nature as for now people like them for pets. They are parented as pets. They need special care when any younger child needs to carry them. Try to handle with care otherwise, the skin might tear.

They are very much loved by all ages. Their small size is very much adorable, as they can be easily get hurt by children if they fell from their hands. They are very cuddly by nature when they grew up it makes them cuddlier.

The skin is very soft and glossy. Ears are erect with short in size. They look very much beautiful when they sit and hide their back legs inside their body resembles the cats. Polish rabbits are very much cleaner than other animal breeds such as cats and dogs.


They are seen cleaning their bodies most often. These breeds are very friendly in nature, that’s why they are loved almost around the world. Their back legs are longer than the front legs.

They love the interaction with their owners as they get used to them and they can trust them. They need around 5-6 hours outside their cages. It will make them healthy as well as their trust in the owner. They will sometimes show love by placing their front hand on your feet.

They are very hard rabbit breeds they can bear warm weather very easily. Cold weather hurts them a lot you have to take care of them in these weather conditions.

Their daily routine must be observed very minutely so that you get to know the likes and dislikes of the rabbit. Their docile nature attracts all the ages younger, couple, old, retired all love them.


Toys Of Polish Rabbit
Toys Of Polish Rabbit

They need your special attention as they love being petted by people. Due to their size, they are very much adjustable in small flats. They love toys a lot so provide them with some. Cardboard toys are liked by the rabbit.

They are available in the market as well. But you can make them at home. It is very much easy to make them. When a tissue roll is finished you are left with a cardboard roll inside.

Give that roll to the rabbit. They will play with them as mostly the playing is chewing off the rabbit. They chew their toys to release their frustration.


 Cages Of Polish Rabbit
Cages Of Polish Rabbit

There are many types of enclosure available in the market. People mostly like wooden enclosures due to their sleek design. But they can cause many problems for the rabbits.

When the wood gets damp it can create many problems for rabbits. Bacteria causes many diseases that can hurt rabbit health. If you want to buy a wooden cage you must take care that it doesn’t get damp. Clean it very thoroughly when it gets damp.

Try to buy a steel or iron cage that doesn’t cause many problems. It must be 4x the size of the rabbit you are containing in it. Flooring of the rabbit must be an even surface or hand surface on which the rabbit can sit easily. Wire floor can cause damage or wounds to the rabbit legs or saddle. Quality food must be provided to the rabbit.


  Food Of Polish Rabbit
Food Of Polish Rabbit

Hay must be provided to the rabbit in excess amount so that their teeth doesn’t grow long out from their mouth. Fresh pellets must be provided to the rabbits in a small amount. Freshwater is very much compulsory for rabbits as they drink a lot of water. It must be available every time for him. The bowl must be clean in which you provide water to him.

Don’t make them play in your yard outside your house as they can get harmed by the beast around your neighbourhood. It may harm them or scare them a lot. So make their enclosure inside your house as their size is very small they can adjust anywhere. When you give them time outside their cage make that place rabbit free, there must be no cords in front of the rabbit to chew.

They love to chew things so they will chew what they can. Give them some time in your garden if you have one. They love to hop around in the house and around you as well. They get very much thirsty while hopping so place freshwater in good quantity.     

Care Of Polish Rabbit

Polish rabbit is not hardcore breeds for summers. They manage well in light temperatures with some shade provided to them. This breed has average thick fur. They get involved in many diseases some of the common are ear mites, teeth enlargement, and digestive diseases.

You have to be sure about the rabbit daily routine so that if anything different than routine happens you have the clue. When the rabbit starts eating less check for his health.

If he is not pooping well then he is involved in digestive disease. Polish rabbit bunny stinks when he is not well going and check for a rabbit vet. Nowadays vets are very rare to find and mature or the quality of the doctor is not found easily.


Ear mites disease can be easily guessed when the rabbit it scratching his ear or on the back of the ear. They have ear mite and they are disturbing the rabbit a lot. You can also check for ear mite by checking the ear of the rabbit.

Tooth enlargement is very much painful for the rabbits. It hurts their face may cause some wounds that can cause blood flow. The filing of the tooth is very important for all rabbit breeds. Quality of hay helps in the filing of teeth. The hay must be there for rabbits around there.

The obese rabbit is only due to health issues or they are overweight. They mustn’t be overweight as it can cause many diseases. The adult rabbits are mostly obese or aged ones when they are consuming more sugar and fat.

Their body structure resembles dwarf(holland lop) rabbits but they are different breeds. Their weight is less than holland lop so they are the smallest breed of rabbits in the world. The digestive disease can cause their digestive tract blocked from their own fur. That can cause many serious issues and they can even choke to death.


As they are very small in size they need an enclosure that is 4x times the size of the rabbit. The enclosure of the rabbit must be neat and clean with all the basic necessities provided to him. They need a spacious enough cage that he can stretch his leg in that cage. The bedding of the rabbit must be 6 inches of height.
The bedding must be soft and clean. Soft bedding can make the rabbit rest easily and calmly.

Quality of food is very much important for rabbit health. Fresh food must be provided to the rabbit so that he can live a normal life. Fresh hay is a very important part of the rabbit. It helps in the filing of the teeth. 70% of hay is in the food of the rabbit.

While pellets are also useful for them. Vegetables must be given to the rabbits as they love to eat them. High carbonated things in food or vegetables must not be provided to the rabbit. Rabbits who are obese or aged shouldn’t be given high in fibre and sugar food items.


Treats are loved by all in this going time. Polish rabbit also love treats but you should only provide those fruits in treats. They like Strawberries, Raspberries, and apples without seeds. You can use treats to train them, once the desired task is complete.

They can easily be trained, so train them for pooping and sleeping area. Try to train them to use enclosure mostly by proving them with treats. Once they get used to the cage then they will sleep in it even without the treat.

Brushing of rabbit hair is very much compulsory. As they need grooming of hair once in a week and nail clipping once in a month. In the moulting season comb your rabbit twice weekly to get rid of extra hair so that rabbit doesn’t swallow them in.

You can also remove extra hair from the rabbit fur is by damping your hands with water and move them from the head to the back of the rabbit. It will also remove a lot of hair from them. It will help them form involving in digestive disease. If the health deteriorates take him to vet for proper treatment.


   colour Of Polish Rabbit
colour Of Polish Rabbit

There are several colours in the Polish rabbit.
Black, Blue Chocolate, Broken, REW, BEW and lilac. These are the recognized colours so far by rabbit associations. Red-eyed white rabbits are very cute as their Red-eyed looks attractive in the white fur. The blue-eyed white rabbit is also very attractive due to his different appearance.


If the rabbit isn’t neutered or spayed. They are ready to mate. Some people say that at the age of 4 months the rabbits are matured and ready for the breed.

Rabbits are very fertile and they get involved in breeding very soon. Before you mate them they must be healthy. There must be no disease involved in any of them it might affect the pregnancy.

It is very much difficult to get to know that your doe is pregnant. There are some kind gestures that can tell us about pregnancy. When the doe gets irritated if she is very calm in nature. If she starts to eat more than usual then you can have a checkup by taking her to the vet.

Care In Pregnancy

The process of pregnancy is very much difficult as it requires a lot of care from your side as well. You have to check for specific details as to how is she behaving. If she is not eating well or not pooping then you should take her to the vet for proper treatment.

You must weight the doe to check for pregnancy. There are 5-7 kids that are born in one pregnancy. A rabbit is pregnant for around 31-35 days not more than that. Babies sometimes stuck in the belly of mother you have to apply some pressure to release them.

Sometimes the doe gets chocked during the pregnancy. It is a high-risk inbreeding. If she is getting pregnant for the very first time then you have to take very good care. Once your rabbit gets pregnant once then you shouldn’t be worried any other time.

As a female rabbit, they are very much caring. They raise the rabbits very carefully and gently. There are different parts in the season rabbits didn’t get pregnant at all. Like the last of summers, early winters and fall season. It is a decline in breeding season naturally.

Rabbits with a very good record of breeding must be given a chance as they can be successful. That rabbit will show good results in those seasons as well.