Personality Of Holland Lop

Personality of Holland lop

Lops are very cute and cuddling lop breed in rabbits. They are mainly loved in the US and fancied all around the world. Graded 1st by most of the pet owners of rabbit breeds. They are the smallest breed of lop breeds.

They are also liked by their body size and weight. The personality of Holland lop is more attractive by their droopy ears. They are droopy from both sides of the head that makes him more cute and lovely.

Body Structure Of Holland Lops

Body of Holland lop
Body of Holland lop

The body shape of Holland lop is a small arc-shaped diaphragm.

  • They have bold attractive eyes, a bit sunken in their skull.
  • Cute round face with little fur and broadhead.
  • Muscular compact bunnies with a wide body.
  • Their height is 2-3 inches
  • Width is 5-6 inches. Females may be a bit longer than males.
  • They have muscular legs.
  • Their hind legs have some extra energy. The full-strength stroke can kill a cat.
  • Their body pose resembles cats when they are at rest applying their whole body weight on their front legs.

Ears Are Personality Of Holland Lop

Ears of Holland lop
Ears of Holland lop

The character of Holland lop is very famous by their ears. Their droopy ears make them very distinctive and cute. Either side of their heads ears hangs down below their face.

Their ears are not lopped when born. They have erected ears at the beginning of months. They also look cute in erected ears. Ears hang down after 2-3 months, with some at age of three.

Fur Of Holland Lop

Fur of Holland lop
Fur of Holland lop

They have very smooth and silky fur. It is very dense and is of medium size rollback fur. As it is thick fur it rollbacks to its original shape if stroked from the opposite direction.

Care Of Holland lop

They don’t need much care, like many pets such as dogs and cats. They are very tidy even cleaner than cats. You don’t have to take care of their cleanliness. All you need is to give them quality hay and pallets, so their digestive system is not disordered.

Pellets are helpful in filing their teeth as they will not change their face shape. Proper bedding and playtime are very helpful for the health of this rabbit breed. Unrestricted time from their cage is very much needed from physical activity, they can make their energy usage. Neutering and spaying help in reproductive disease in male and female rabbits.

There are a lot of ways to take care of rabbits. Nail clipping of bunnies once in a month is very good for their health. Brush your rabbit’s fur twice weekly in their moulting season so that it doesn’t cause any digestive issues. Don’t give bath to rabbit else in summers due to very hot conditions.

Colours of Holland lop

colours of Holland lop
colours of Holland lop

They have 8 bands of colour.

4.Pointed white
6.Tan pattern
8.White pattern

Holland Lops As Pets

Holland lop as pet
Holland lop as pet
  • They are very sweet with a gentle temperament that makes them good pets.
  • Mostly loved my 8-9 years old children.
  • They are very delicate pets
  • These pets require a lot of hard work and time to take good care of them.
  • Very adorable due to their size and droopy ears.
  • They got some health issues as well, you have to take good care to make them live them longer.