It is also the breed of rabbit which is recognized by ARBA(American Rabbit Breeders Association) in 2013. Lionhead rabbit was recognized by BRC(British Rabbit Council) in 2002. The origin of this lionhead rabbit is Belgium. It is very much loved throughout the world.

The most distinguishing feature and the name resemblance attracts the people very much. The mane around the neck of the rabbit makes a look like a lion. The rabbit looks very adorable with the bib around the neck. It becomes very thick as the rabbit ages.

The loveable and friendly nature of the rabbit makes them attractive. They are also good pets by the behaviour, they love to be around with all ages of people. Their main habitat is to play a lot and also with people. They are quite a small animal breed with less the 3.5lbs weight of the adult rabbit. Very intelligent breed of rabbits, they can be trained for different common ways.

Such as “come” play with me or else. “Eat” your food or this. “Play” with me or this thing. They can be trained with regular practice. You have to train this breed to do some particular things.

You can make them use their cage often by providing them with their most likeable treat. Once they enter the cage you can provide them with a treat. They will get used to it after some time. Likewise, you can also train them to use the litter box for poop.

You have to view their movements where they poop most often. Then try to place litterbox over there are making them use it. If the rabbit poops just beside the box. Pick the rabbit and place him in the box to make them use it.


Personality of lionhead rabbit
Personality of lionhead rabbit

The personality of the lion-head is very friendly. By this behaviour, they attract people to themselves. They are a well-mannered breed of the rabbit with a very adorable personality. It is a small rabbit with a compact body with a round frame. Lionhead rabbit has bright eyes. There are many different colours of lionhead rabbit breeds. Adult rabbit weight is 1.6kg only.

They have small ears they are erect, they don’t wilt at any stage of life. Their ears make a V shape when relaxed. They have medium fur on face and hip while the mane is 5cm in length and it is thick. For the very best of the personality male and female rabbits must be neutered and spayed.

It helps from many diseases. The male rabbit must be spayed so that they don’t get into excess spaying. While the female rabbits must be neutered so they didn’t get involved in stomach cancer.

Distinguishing feature of lionhead rabbit from other is the mane of the lion head. There are two types of it single and double mane. In some rabbits, mane doesn’t stay for the whole life. It is only left below the chin and from the head making a puff.

This rabbit can tolerate from32-70 degrees of temperature as long he is provided with shelter from extreme weather conditions such as rain, hot sunny days, etc. Due to their fur on the body, they can tolerate more cold temperatures than other rabbits with light fur.

Diet Of Lionhead rabbit

The diet of the lion-head rabbit needs to be fresh. Quality hay is very essential for the rabbit teeth filing. As the teeth of the rabbit don’t stop growing so hay helps them to file them. Rabbits can also eat vegetables along with hay. Pellets must be the part of rabbit diet at least 20% of the diet. Freshwater is very much essential for the rabbit’s health, as they mostly eat hay and drink water.

If you change the water in the bowl try to clean it before refilling it with water. Water must be there for the rabbit always. when they hop in their exposure time they get vert much thirsty so they need excess of fresh and clean water to fulfil their needs.

There are many kinds of hay available in the market nowadays. You must provide the best to your rabbits. There are mixtures of all the food and are ready to serve and the rabbits love to eat them very happily. Don’t exceed the amount of food. It will hurt the digestive system of the rabbit and you have to see the vet very soon.

Fruits are also loved by rabbits. There is one kinda fruit that your rabbit will like very much, you have to check for that. Use that as a weakness of the rabbit and try to make your rabbit do something extraordinary and then provide him with that fruit as treat.

They can eat any kinda fruit and vegetable such as apples, apricots, peaches, carrots, radish, etc. Some vegetables in excess quantity can harm them, those fruits are cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, peanuts, tomatoes.
Try to give them some treats on some occasions, if the rabbit pooped in the litterbox provide him with a treat.


They are very small in size the rabbHolland lops and lionhead rabbit breeds are almost equal in weight. A lion head is 3.75 pounds and holland lop is 4 pounds. There are two types of mane in these rabbits. Single mane and double mane rabbits. Double mane rabbits have a clear v shape on their belly. While a single mane rabbit resembles the same rabbit.

They have a compact body with a round frame. Different types of mane depend on the gene which he is receiving. They are 6-7 inches in height and 1.76kf of weight. They can be carried in hands easily. They love to cuddle and resemble a cat when they sit while they cuddle their legs while sitting.


 Grooming of Lionhead rabbit
Grooming of Lionhead rabbit

Due to his long fur, they need special grooming. if not groomed well their fur becomes a mat. Their mane needs very much of brushing to look good. In their shedding season, you need to brush them several times weekly. In simple occasions, you need only after 3-4 weeks. They are very cute animals and are cleaner than cats. They don’t stink at all. If you wet your hand and spin on the rabbit fur, it will also help in shedding extra fur.

Nail clipping is also very much important for rabbits. It must only be done once monthly and according to the vet’s prescription. Special clippers are also available in the market. Try not to cut the nails near to their skin, it might hurt them as they need nails for scratching their skin.

Rabbit’s ears need special checking as you will get to know if they are scratching them frequently. If you see something unusual check the vet. Ear mites are a very common disease in the lion-head rabbits. You need a proper vet for the treatment. As they are very few qualified vets in a specific area.

As you know rabbits don’t stink, if rabbits stink they are unhealthy you must take them to vets for a checkup.

If the rabbit mane is too long to make it difficult for the visual sight of the rabbit. Try to groom a little bit. But try to groom it very gently your wrong move might hurt the rabbit. There are many grooming kits available in the market for rabbits. Try to buy a proper kit for the market to choose a good brand.


   Care of Lionhead rabbit
Care of Lionhead rabbit

If you don’t comb the hair of the rabbit regularly it can cause serious problems. Rabbits swallow the extra hair, they got stuck in the digestive tract and it causes a lot of problems. Some rabbits might choke due to ingestion.

You can easily get to know if the rabbit is having some problem or not. Check for the size of the poop, if the poop is not of the normal size then the rabbit is having some problem. Immediately check for the vet if possible and try to give some relief to the rabbit.

Rabbits are very much afraid of water. Don’t try to bath them, they might die due to stress. If they are dirty from some side please clean it from damp clothing but don’t drown them in water. In just one case you can bath them is in summers. If the rabbit gets too much heat and is fainted.

Try to make him conscious with pouring cold water on his body if this doesn’t work. Give him a cold bath in cold water for some time. It will make him feel better and after some time he will be back in his senses. Rabbits are very much of clean animal breeds don’t even think they can be dirty anytime.


Lionhead rabbit is a very loveable and friendly behaviour. This makes the best for pets. It is very much like in the USA. If you need to see their full bloom please give them some time outside their enclosure. They also need some time to make a bound with humans. Rabbit’s enclosure must be spacious so that they can stretch out well.

All the basic necessities such as water, food, bedding, and litter box must be provided to the rabbit. Try to place the litter boxes a bit away from the food. It will also make the rabbit use litter for excretion. They are very much loveable and cute breeds. Small aged children like them very much. But they are also comfortable with all ages. They need someone professional to take care of.


The size of the enclosure depends on the behaviour of the rabbit. If the size of the cage is spacious enough so that the rabbit can stretch his legs in the cage. There must be available some toys available in the cage so that the rabbit can play with them. Cardboard toys are easily available in the market, you can also make them in the home.

Most rabbits love to chew their toys or bite them. Food and water are basic necessities of the rabbit which must be in the enclosure. The size of the enclosure must be 4 times bigger than the size of the rabbit.

The material of the cage depends on the health of the rabbit. As the wooden rabbit absorbs moisturizer a lot and invites bacteria in. It might hurt the rabbit health a lot. The appearance of the wooden home is very attractive but you have to wash and clean the cage regularly. Plastic and metal cages are best for the rabbits. Try not to have a wire flooring of the cage, it will hurt the hind legs of the rabbit.

The floor must be plain or solid so that the rabbit can hop if possible. Bedding of the rabbit comprise of hay and the height should be 6 inches so that the rabbit can sleep comfortably.

Mostly the rabbits sleep in the whole day and they are fresh in the evenings. They also sleep a lot like cats. They can be good pets with other animals also if they are bred from a younger age. Other vices the hind legs of the rabbit is very strong. Even the cat can die with their one full powered stroke.


  Colours of Lionhead rabbit
Colours of Lionhead rabbit

There are different colours of the lion-head breed. White-eyed rabbit with red eyes looks adorable.

The United States recognizes these colours; Blue, White, Black Otter, Tortoise, Blue, Tan, Blue Otter, Sable Martin, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Sable Point, Chocolate, Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Frosted Pearl, Red, Golden, Orange, Lilac, and Opal.

The United Kingdom is; Agouti, Tortoiseshell, Black, Tan, Blue, Steel, Butterfly, Smoke Pearl Marten, Chestnut, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Silver Martin, Chocolate, Siamese Smoke Pearl, Fawn, Siamese Sable, Fox, Sable Point, Lilac, Sable Marten, Lynx, Otter, Orange, Opal, White (red or blue-eyed).

In my opinion, lion-head breed of a rabbit is very much friendly and they can be very good pets. They are very cuddly and their mane makes them very beautiful.