Kingdom Of Holland Lop

Kingdom of Holland lop

Holland lop Breed, bred by Dr Adriana De Cock in 1949. A new breed was added in the Kingdom of Holland lop. The ideas was to create a breed of smaller size from French lop and bigger from the Dwarf lop.

In 1979 it was recognized by the (ARBA) American Rabbit Breeders Association. While the Netherlands rabbit association recognized them in 1984. There are 30 different colours in a lop breed, divided into 8 bands.

Facts Of Holland Lop

These are the most adorable house pets. Their size is small, 10-12 inches in length and 5-6 inches in height. They have only 1.8kg of weight or 4lbs. They can be called a pocket rabbit by their size.

The main problem among disease is of teeth size, as they grow long and change the shape of the face. The digestive disease is also very common among them as they digest their hair along with the food in the moulting season. So twice-daily brush your bunny to get rid of excess hair.

Behaviour Of Holland Lop

Most beloved pets in the world review by pet breeders across the US. Their droopy ears make them adorable and make our hearts melt.

Likewise, they are cute and cuddly. Their small size and cute looks make them more attractive. They need your attention to make friends with them. Bucks are more friendly then females. While females are very good mothers.

They take care of their cleanliness very much. Among pets, rabbits are at the top in cleanliness.

Supervision for Kingdom Of Holland Lop

In the supervision of Holland lops, there are some key factors to keep in mind.

Care Of Holland lop

They are less demanding from other pets including dogs and cats. Likewise, the cats, rabbits are cleaner. For this reason, they don’t need to bath. Get more information about rabbit care.

Further, Damp cloth can clean any kind of dirt on the body. In short, you will only make them clean if they have dirt on their bodies otherwise they are odourless and clean rabbit breeds.

Diet Of Miniature Lop

Diet for Holland lop
Diet for Holland lop

Fresh hay and pellets are dire need of Holland lop. They need pellets to take care of their teeth, as they file them and forbid them to dig deep further in the face and make the shape worse.

Treats are also part of meals provided to the lops. You can feed the lop treat once a week in a very moderate quantity.

Size Of Holland Lop

Normally the lop size is 10–15 inches in length. The width of the bunny is 5-6 inches. Apparently they have very delicate skin. Don’t carry them for long in your hands it might tear their skin. In addition, If you have to brush them in moulting season, carry the process with soft hands.

Due to their size, they are loved around the world. They can fit in the pocket of any coat or jacket. We can also call them pockets lops. In the US they are loved and are more adorable.

Weight Of Miniature Lop

In the kingdom of Holland lop, the weight is a maximum of 4lbs or 1.8kg. This is the weight of a fully grown adult rabbit. They are very lightweight if we compare them with outdoor rabbits. When you collect the rabbit in your hands, you will feel the rounded ribs and hip bones easily.

You don’t have to apply pressure to feel the internal bone structure as, if the fur is too much then the rabbit is too obese or overweight. This is the only way to know that your rabbit is healthy or overweight.


In conclusion, all the above care of the lop is necessary but you should also maintain his temperature normal in summers. Lop is comfortable in-room temperature, 27degrees. If the temperature is more than bearable place the rabbit indoors or gives him some cool air. Lop can bear winters cold because they have very thick fur.

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