Holland Lop Breed

Holland lop Breed

Holland lop breed is very delicate and needs much care. They are small in size and mature one weighs 4 pounds only. Height of this breed is more than 10 inches. Their minimum lifespan is 4-5 years if handled with care 10-12 years. Most friendly and pet loving breeds and highly energetic breeds of rabbits.

Holland Lop Growth Chart

Holland Lop growth chart
Holland Lop growth chart

Growth stages of the Holland lop are below.

10-12 Days Old: At this stage kit’s start to grow fur. The kit will see his/her mother with open eyes.

12-18 Days Old: In this stage bunnies have their legs functional. They will roam around the nest and will inspect the whole cage.

19 Days Old: Get rid of the nest from the cage and let the bunnies freely roam around the nest. Remove the nest from the cage as it will cause an infection.

Seven Weeks Old: They have grown much and can manage alone easily. Lops have drop-down their ears as well. Separate them from their mother. Also, separate their cages to ease the stress from the mother.


Generally, 5-10 years is the total lifespan of pocket lop. If you invest some extra care it’ll extend to 2-3 years. Its weight is 4lbs or 1.8kg. Neutering and spaying the buck and doe respectively can help to extend the lifespan of the rabbit.

Furthermore, it also helps from reproductive and digestive diseases. Holland lops are interestingly in 30 different colour kinds. They are divided into 8 different bands. Blue/grey lop breed is very rare. Similarly, they have grey or blue eyes. Broken and ticked are also liked after the self breed.

Care Of Holland Lop Breed

In regard to holland lop care, keep some factors in mind.


Plays a vital role in holland lop care. Fresh, healthy and complete diet fulfils the needs of the rabbit. On the other hand, pellets help the teeth from excess growing.


At any rate, it is very important for a rabbit, as they need some time outside there, hutches to expend their energy. It is also very important for their body to maintain balance by hopping and playing.


Apparently grooming is necessary but rabbits are very clean pets. You have to brush their fur one in a week, in addition to moulting season twice times daily. Clip rabbit nails after 3-4 weeks.


Housing provided to the rabbit must have necessary things of daily use. Especially comfortable bedding helps him form extra health issues. Litter box, water bowl, and feed bowl to be placed with ample distance to each other.

There must be free space in the cage for the rabbits to roam. Place a hiding place in the cage. Rabbits hide from predators. Likewise, they are naturally nervous animals. Carboard box or similarly pipes made from cardboard.


With this in mind, bunnies don’t like to take a bath in water. It makes them stressed. If the bunny is dirty from anywhere use a damp cloth to clean it. If your rabbit is feeling hot or is fainted, give him a cold bath. Don’t make the water too cold that might stun the rabbit.

Finally, this is all we know so far. You can have more information about rabbits on our websites for other articles. They’ll be very helpful for the care of Holland lop.


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