Feed Of Holland Lop

Feed Of Holland Lop

Humans and animals need food and nutrients to fulfil their exhausted energy throughout the day. Rabbits are of many breeds, we are talking of Holland lop. The most loved breed in the world because of a friendly nature. The feed of Holland lop varies from age to age. Hay, Pellets, Vegetables, treat are the main part of the feed.

Infant Feed Of Holland Lop

Infant Kit

Holland lop infant
Holland lop infant

Mothers milk is very much helpful for the newly born Kit. For 3 weeks mothers, milk is good for the newly born baby rabbits. As all the internal glands are in the process of strengthening. Mother milk helps them build quickly and easily.

After 3 to 4 weeks mothers milk will continue, some other feed will be added. Pellets with a munch of alfalfa are added.
From 4-7 weeks rabbit can access to pellets and alfalfa. Mother milk will continue with this.

Adult Bunny

Adult rabbit diet
Adult rabbit diet

Following 7 weeks rabbit is developed with droopy ears. All the glands are fully functional. Hay and pellets are additional in the diet.

When the rabbit enters the age of 12-week, vegetables are given one time daily. Treats are also made a component of the feed of holland lop.

Sherwood is a mixed food diet that is made for the bunnies to eat. It is all in one diet you don’t need anything else to feed the rabbit. It is a bit costly but there not starchy food in it that can harm the bunny. Urine will smell different after you change the diet.

Care Guide

Water sucker
Water sucker

They are very delicate and fragile pets. Their digestive system is very much delicate. Water is a very important component of the care of the rabbit’s health. They drink an excessive amount of water, please install a water dish is there in the cage and in the outdoor playing area.

When the rabbit plays outside he becomes very much thirsty. Rabbits consume plenty of water. A good quantity of pellets to be fed, so that their teeth are filed and they didn’t harm the face of a rabbit.

Neutered and Spayed can help from many diseases, such as cancer and reproductive disease. It also helps in unwanted litters or urine infections.


Holland lop behaviour
Holland lop behaviour

You have to minutely observe the daily routine of lop. When there is a change in the routine something is not going well.

A veterinary doctor must observe the rabbit and provide the medications. A few symptoms can give a clue about what is wrong.

GI Stasis is a disease of the digestive system. It is fatal can lead to death as well when choked. Mainly causes are dehydration, no fibre in the diet, stress or too many treats.

When bunny slows down and doesn’t eat its favourite diet, no poop or smaller in size. Sits in the corner as he’s from another world or no desire to live anymore. Visit the doctor of veterinary for more care and instant relief.


In the last, I will give you a general overview of the Holland Lops. They are very small in size and weigh no more than 4 pounds. Cage of wires will help the bunny away from dirt and dust.

They are very active breeds, free air and space is their basic need to stretch their legs. They love to eat pellets, hay, and treats. Well toned colours of 8 different forms.

They are the love of many pet owners from the whole world for the pet no 1. They love to be with children and other pets. Cats love to scratch below their neck, scratch bunnies behind their ears lightly.

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