Care For Holland Lop

Care For Holland Lop

Holland lop is very easy to handle and take care of. They are miniature in size and very fragile body. Care for holland lop is very essential to groom your pet to live a long and happy life. Indoor and outdoor time with a balanced diet is their basic needs.


Diet for rabbit
Diet for rabbit

Bunny love to eat hay and pellets more. Fresh hay is good for your rabbit healthy. Banaced diet at fix time 2 times daily is good, Treats are very effective for bunny health when fed with moderation. A pot with clean water is a need for the rabbit inside or outside the cage.

The fruit is also good for the care of holland lop. Apple, Banana without skin, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, and strawberries are also good.

Baby rabbit’s initial diet is mothers milk it will continue up till 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks rabbit starts nibbling on solids for around 2-3 weeks. Mostly hay is included in solid, they will continue to eat hay along with their mother’s milk for 3-4 weeks.

As they are having both hard diet and mother milk, they are weaning to solid diet at this stage their digestive system will adjust it will take around 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks rabbit must be provided with his own cage. Their diet will also change from babies to adult diet after 4 months.


Grooming kits for rabbit
Grooming kits for rabbit

It is very important for the exposure time for lops outside their cage. They love to hop and play, plenty of time outside the hutches helps them use their energy. They are very active breeds in rabbits. It is very necessary for the health of holland lop. Don’t carry lop in your hand for more time as it confuses, gets stressed.

They got thick fur, Brush your bunny daily in their moulting season. Otherwise, 2 times a month is more than enough. They are very clean, much cleaner than cats.

Baby lops need more care as they are in the learning process. If the bunny is soiled, don’t bath him it will stress him out. Use a damp cloth to clean the specific area.


They are very friendly and considered active from many breeds. They need toys to play with or chew them. Bucks are more friendly than females, females are very good mothers.

In hot weather keep a look at your bunny. The rabbit will lay in the bottom of the cage, to keep his body cool. Check for the ventilation for air in the cage. Use fans to keep the bunny body temperature normal.

In the extreme conditions rub the rabbit’s ears with ice cubes. You can also give a cold bath, extremely cold water can give a shock to the bunny.


Nail clipper for Rabbit
Nail clipper for Rabbit

The lifespan of the bunny is an average of 5-7 years. It is extended to a maximum of 12 years by taking care. For a healthy life of bunny, many factors play a role.

Brushing your bunny is a very delicate part. you have to do it with very soft hands. Don’t tear the skin by trying to remove dirt from the fur.

Clipp nails up till white colour to avoid bleeding. It will bleed if trimmed more than the recommended one. Clipping of nails is also done by human toenail clippers.

Finally, for more caretake some precautionary measures to take care of your bunny. Make a chart of the timings of food and other care necessities.
Above all gives you the information to take care of bucks.

If anything goes wrong or out of hand, in the meantime visit the vet immediately. Summers and Winters are very crucial for rabbit health, take good care of the bunny.

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